Our Clients

Our team works with a wide range of families and individuals, from professionals to business owners, retirees to widows. Many live in and around Akron, while some have retired to warmer climates but still have familial or sentimental ties to the community. We also have many institutional relationships which tend to be non-profits, foundations, and pension plans.

Our clients have worked hard throughout their lives and been responsible with their spending while accumulating their wealth. Even so, they’ll often have concerns about having enough to maintain their lifestyles and make their money last. Since they are also very family-oriented, they are thoughtful about leaving a legacy for their loved ones.

They rely on us to guide them on more than just their investments, but all things financial, from buying a car to purchasing a vacation home. We’re glad to help and proud that they call on us whenever they seek trusted guidance – and of course, it’s never too early to start thinking about retirement.